Maui Hub Producer


Maui Hub provides marketing, sales, aggregation and distribution services for local farmers and value add food manufacturers who source ingredients that are available in Hawaii. 

The intended result is a stronger local food manufacturing base, less imports, sustainable local growing/food creation operations and community health and resilience. 

Please review the following to confirm Maui Hub is a good fit for your business. We look forward to supporting your work and serving the community with your offerings. 

With Aloha,

The Maui Hub Team

Selling Requirements

Q: What kinds of licenses and/permits must I have to be a Maui Hub producer? 

A1: Producers must have a General Excise Tax License and fill out a W9.

Q: Will I receive a 1099 each year?

A: All producers that have over $5,000 in sales in one calendar year, will receive a 1099 in Feb. of the following year.

Marketing & Distribution Services

Q: How will you market my product offerings?

A: Maui Hub has a large and growing customer database (2500 in Jan. 2022). We publish a weekly newsletter, advertise on social media, and utilize our positive reputation for freshness and customer service to retain existing customers and attract new ones. 

Q: How are my offerings presented?

A: Producers must be willing to take photos of their products and either upload them or send them to our team for formatting and upload. Your web presence has three levels: 

    1. Search attributes based on your offerings and farming methods (USDA organic, Cert. Biodynamic, no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, conventional, etc.)
    2. Your product listing on the market page available inventory
    3. Your story, including farm/kitchen history, mission, vision, team, photos and links to your website, social media, etc.

Q: How do you prevent a potential dilution of sales?

A:  We wish to limit the number of producers offering the same product to 3 producers to assure participants’ success and optimize producer’s ROI.attributes so that your products are found easily, additional information on each product, and a page describing your growing methods, farming philosophy, information about your ag/food production history, and links to your website and social media.

Q: When can I delivery my products to the Maui Hub warehouse?

A1: Our procurement department at 250 Alamaha St. in Kahului (across from the Goodwill drop off and between Sun Fresh and Hitters Paradise) accepts delivery of the products you sold on Wednesday (9am-3pm) and Thursday (8am-2pm).

Q: Where are my products distributed?

A1: Friday Distribution – Maui Hub provide home delivery service to Maui’s west side on Fridays as well as a 2-hour window for pickup service at Outlets of Maui (4p-6p).

A2: Saturday offers 2-hour pickup windows at our Kahului warehouse (8a-10p), Kihei Ace Hardware parking (noon -2p), Upcountry-Kulamalu (8a-10a), and Haiku @ Jaws Country Store (11a-1p), as well as Saturday home delivery to Central and South Maui.

Q: How much do you pay farmers?

A: Standard product markup is 40% for products that are packaged and ready for delivery. We are equally committed to supporting our local producers as we are to supporting a healthy and resilient community. We try to strike a balance.

Value added products

Q: Can I sell my hot sauce/salad dressing, cookies, etc. made with locally sourced organic ingredients through Maui Hub?

A: Absolutely! Producers creating value-added products must work with a licensed commercial kitchen and provide a food establishment permit with the Department of Health to sell via Maui Hub. This also includes microgreen farmers.

Eggs & Meat

Q: Can I sell eggs and meat products?

A1: You can sell eggs!  You will need a food establishment permit with the Department of Health and a support kitchen agreement. We are happy to provide you more information on the requirements for selling eggs and related applications.

A2: We currently sell Maui grown rainbow trout and hope to be adding local beef by February or March, 2022.

Product Packaging and Labels

Q: How must my produce be presented upon delivery?

A: We do not have the facility to wash your produce. If not washed it will be rejected. Farmers that provide consistent quality, proper cleaning/packaging and delivery of their product offerings are prioritized. 

Bag Vendors on Maui: Maui Hub uses two bag vendors on Maui. A Packaging Resource, for plastic and paper bags (conveniently located next to Sun Fresh) and Sustainable Island Products Maui, which offer Eco-friendly and biodegradable bags. We also have some cellulose alternatives to plastic; you may purchase from Maui Hub directly. 

Our customers appreciate our efforts to minimize plastic packaging. We are interested in innovation here. If you have ideas, please tell us about it! In the future, there may be a Service fee for packing your produce!

Payment Processing

Q: When and How will I be paid?

A: Producers will receive payment within a week of delivering their produce/products.  We will check-in your products and confirm the correct items and amounts were delivered on Wed/Thurs. We are moving from writing checks at delivery to a more efficient, post inspection, digital payment system. Note: Maui Hub reserves the right to reject any produce that does not meet our standards. We will inform you on the day of delivery if any produce was rejected. We will work with you to improve the quality of your produce, whether that be educating on the best time and way to harvest or the best way to package for peak freshness.

Managing my products on the store

We are happy to help you via a phone conversation. Important to note when logging in to your producer portal: the eCommerce platform does not like Microsoft Edge browser. Please use Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or literally any other browser when you login.
The Localfoodmarketplace software offers excellent guides as well. Click here to view the guide.