About Us

Malama ‘Aina – We care for that which feeds us.

The Maui Hub is a non-profit, community-based, organization whose primary mission is to provide local fresh affordable produce to Maui low income residents, food banks, and community kitchens.

We make it possible for farmers to work together to meet the growing demand for local, sustainable food on Maui. 


Our mission is to serve the community of Maui by providing fresh, healthy, produce to Maui with an infrastructure which connects local farmers and small businesses to consumers in a cost-effective manner on a weekly basis.


Our vision is to combat food insecurity on Maui.  We aim to provide Maui residents and businesses with a focus on low income families with local healthy food while increasing the supply of and demand for locally grown produce and providing food distribution efficiency.
No one on Maui should be food insecure.


Access to healthy food for everyone, support local farmers and businesses, conservation, and sustainability.


Our goal is to transition to a permanent food infrastructure for
local farmers, ranchers, producers, and consumers..


Maui imports over 80% of our food and the current pandemic has brought our broken local food supply front and center. We lack the infrastructure to procure, aggregate, and distribute local produce to local residents, particularly low-income residents. Food hubs are critical in the value chain to facilitate market access and increase access to local food for low income consumers.

Our Achievements

MFH was started in the midst of a pandemic, which changed the buying and selling of agricultural products statewide.  Many farmers were suddenly  unable to sell much of their produce due to the closure of most restaurants and bars.

MFH presents over 160 goods offered by over 24 producers. There is a large selection of high quality produce and products, everything from star apples, jaboticaba, fingerlimes, lychee, tomatoes, many greens, herbs, onions, potatoes, trout, kombucha, oils, honey, poi, steamed luau, and much more.

Why Us?


Every Week Something New

We are adding farmers and products all the time. 


Highly Motivated Team

We are dedicated to supporting Maui farmers and bringing the freshest local produce to people on Maui and in the islands.

Exceptional Food

All local and all freshly harvested.  Value added products are made from local goods.


We have been using the Maui Food Hub and are totally happy with their products and service. What a treat to eat healthy farm fresh food grown on Maui. The food arrives chilled and ready for us to pick up with no contact right into our trunk. This is as good as eating at one of Maui’s finest farm to table restaurants. I have been picking up for our daughter and grandchildren as well and it is so nice to drop off a box of green fresh food. I can’t wait to try the fresh trout next week.

Paul and Avi

Bounty Music

This is the third food delivery from the farm service I have used since moving to Maui and it is by far the best! Best in value, produce and website functionality. The food is top quality and fresh as can be.  The orders are accurate and the pick-up service works!  Thanks for using your masks at the pick-up station.  

Diane Appler

Maui Meadows

I am a vegetarian since 1974, and I prefer organic. Since I moved here from Minnesota back in 1995, I have had to rely mostly on imported foods, as you may well imagine. So, I am thrilled at how many growers are participating in this operation!I expect the variety of items you have available will only continue to grow over time. I especially look forward to local potatoes and green beans and ‘ulu and kalo and squashes!  Mahalo, mahalo,  mahalo!

Kathy Corcoran


I’m so happy to have discovered Maui Food Hub! It makes providing delicious and fresh food for my family — while also supporting local farmers — easy to do. There’s something inherently rewarding in buying local, and it’s satisfying to know farmers have this means of directly marketing to Maui residents. I’m impressed with the variety of offerings, find the site easy to navigate, consider the prices reasonable, and find the produce far fresher than anything in the supermarket! As a senior In the time of Covid, I also appreciate the convenience and safety of buying produce from Maui Food Hub.

Elizabeth Winternitz

Happy Customer!

Mahalo for providing fresh produce to the West side.  We hope that with will continue after the virus.  Many of us go tot he swap meet to try and get the freshest but you have far surepassed that.  Aloha!!

MauiFoodHubs makes providing delicious and fresh food for my family – while also supporting Maui farmers – easy to do. There is something inherantly rewarding in buying local.
I’m impressed with the variety offerings, consider the price reasonable, and find the produce far fresher than anything in the supermarket!
As a senior in the time of COVID I also appreciate the convenience and safety of buying produce from MauiFoodHubs!

Our Team

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