On June 28th, one of our key grant administrators, Hawai’i Farmers Union United, publicly announced that “volunteers of the Maui Food Hubs, launched as a project of its Hakeakala chapter, will be taking hub operations independent of HFUU beginning July 1st.”

The public announcement went on to say: “Maui Food Hubs was launched in March and April of this year as an initiative of the HFUU Haleakala Chapter, the HFUU Executive Committee and community volunteers. SunFresh Hawai’i, an established food distributor, provided chill space, trucks and labor at cost. Beyond Pesticides, a Washington, D.C based nonprofit, was able to get a grant to cover those initial operations from the Healy Foundation and take the lead in social network marketing. Representatives of Common Ground Collective spearheaded the marketing platform, and other community volunteers helped recruit farmers and assist with distribution.”

Following the announcement, the volunteer team rebranded the project to the shortened Maui Hub and will re-open the online store under that brand at noon on July 4th, 2020.